This refund policy applies to passengers who have bought their tickets directly from PassionAir (PassionAir sales offices, website, mobile app or contact centre). It does not apply to passengers who bought their tickets via a travel agency or any other third party.

Refund Eligibility

  • You may claim a refund for the entire or part of your PassionAir tickets depending on the rules and conditions of the ticket bought. PassionAir has 4 fare groups and each has its own fare rules and conditions concerning refunds. The applicable refund charges are described below:
    Fare Groups Up to 4hrs before departure time From 4hrs before departure time
    Promo Non-refundable
    Bronze GHS 30 GHS 100
    Silver No Charge GHS 100
    Gold No Charge (up to 2hrs before departure) GHS 100 (From 2hrs before departure)

Requesting a refund

PassionAir tickets are valid for 6 months and refunds may only be requested within that validity period. No refund shall be given for expired tickets i.e. tickets whose validity has expired. The validity period of a ticket starts on the day of purchase.

Channels for requesting for a refund

Passengers may request for refund via the following channels:

    • In person at our sales offices in Accra, Kumasi and Tamale. Please note that refunds CANNOT be requested or processed at our airport offices.
    • By email to
    • By calling our contact center on toll free number 0800 221 221 (6 am – 8 pm GMT Daily). If you are contacting us from outside Ghana kindly dial +233 302 739 898 (International call charges apply).

Information to be provided when requesting a refund

Passenger’s Full Name:


Email Address:

Mobile Number:

Reason for refund:

Passenger’s Full Name:


Mobile Wallet Number – number used to make the payment

Transaction Id:

Date of transaction:

Reason for refund:

Passenger’s Full Name:


Card number – first 6 digits and last 4 digits. Eg: 478523XXXXXX1234

Date of transaction:

Reason for refund:

Processing of refunds

PassionAir shall endeavour to process refund requests within 5 working days after receipt of the request. This period is necessary to carry out all the administrative tasks needed to refund a ticket. This may involve dealing with third-party service providers such as payment processors, fintech companies, telecommunications/mobile money companies and banks.

When a refund is processed, the ticket shall be cancelled and the refund amount made available for payment. Please note that refunds may attract penalties and fees depending on the rules of the fare bought and the time of requesting the refund. In determining the time of the request, the date and time of the request shall be used regardless of the date/time of response to the request.

Once a ticket has been processed for a refund, the process cannot be reversed.

Cash refunds are paid at our sales offices.

(Please note that this does not apply to airport offices. Refunds cannot be requested, processed or paid at our airport offices).

Important Note:
1. Passengers MUST present a valid national ID to collect a cash refund. Acceptable IDs are a National ID card (Ghana Card), driver’s license, passport and voter’s ID.
2. Collecting a cash refund on behalf of a third party
Any person collecting a cash refund on behalf of the actual passenger MUST present an authority note signed by the actual passenger and a copy of his/her ID. The party collecting the refund MUST also present a valid ID.
3. A copy of the ID will be made and kept for records and audit purposes.

PassionAir shall endeavour to pay for a refund of tickets bought by mobile money through the same medium.

Important Note:
PassionAir shall STRICTLY pay refunds to the mobile money wallet that was used to purchase the ticket regardless of the details on the ticket i.e. passenger details or phone number. PassionAir shall not be liable for any dispute arising from any refund sent to the mobile wallet used to pay for the ticket. Passengers who used third party mobile wallets or merchants to buy their tickets shall be responsible for collecting their refunds from these parties.

Ticket bought using cards (Visa/MasterCard) online shall be refunded through the same medium. After receipt of the refund request, PassionAir shall initiate the refund within 5 working days with its acquiring bank (the payment processor).

Passengers are advised that the process by the acquiring bank and the cardholder’s bank may take up to 21 working days before the customer’s bank account is credited with the refund amount. PassionAir, unfortunately, does not have any control over that process. Customers are advised to check with their bank to ensure their account is credited.

Important Note:
Passengers must also note that all PassionAir fares are in Ghana Cedi and all payments received are in Ghana Cedi. Customers using foreign currency denominated cards are debited the equivalent of the fare in their local currency at the bank rate on the day of the transaction. PassionAir receives the amount in Ghana Cedi. When refunding a ticket, PassionAir refunds the Ghana Cedi.  The amount is then converted using the bank day’s exchange rate and credited to the cardholder’s account. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, the amount credited may vary from the amount paid in the original currency. PassionAir CANNOT be held liable for any currency fluctuation and the amount that is eventually credited to the cardholder’s account.