PassionAir Courier/Parcel Services Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions shall apply to all carriage or the performance of courier/parcel services by PassionAir.


Carrier: means Pisces Aviation Limited d.b.a. PassionAir herein known as PassionAir.

We, our, us refer to PassionAir.

You and “your’ refer to the Shipper

Package: means all document or parcel that is accepted by us for shipment to be transported by the Carrier.

Shipment: means any package that is tendered to and accepted by us.

Recipient: the person who is supposed to collect the consignment.

Waybill: any document issued by the carrier to cover a consignment.

Shipper’s obligations

You warrant that each article in the shipment is properly described on the shipment document and packed to ensure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling. You are responsible for all charges and possible surcharges, customs duties and assessments including fees related to our prepayment of the same, governmental penalties and fines, taxes, and our lawyers’ fees and legal costs, related to this shipment.

Right to refuse a package

PassionAir reserves the right to refuse a package for reasons including but not limited to illegal/prohibited items, dangerous goods, bulky or overweight parcel, weight limitation, improper packaging, etc. The discretion of the PassionAir agent receiving the parcel is final.



Accra – Kumasi/Takoradi

Rates – Parcel Services

Rate (GHS)

Parcel from 0-5kg 120
Parcel above 5kgs 25/kg
  Special Items
 Electronics  200/item below 5kg
 Electronics  25/kg


Accra – Tamale

Rates – Parcel Services

Rate (GHS)

Parcel from 0-5kg 135
Parcel above 5kgs 30/kg
  Special Items
 Electronics  300/item below 5kg
 Electronics  30/kg


Accra – Wa

Rates – Parcel Services

Rate (GHS)

Parcel from 0-5kg 200
Parcel above 5kgs 40/kg
  Special Items
 Electronics  300/item below 5kg
 Electronics  40/kg


Accra – Sunyani

  Rates – Parcel Services

Rate (GHS)

Parcel from 0-5kg 200
Parcel above 5kgs 40/kg
  Special Items
 Electronics  300/item below 5kg
 Electronics  40/kg


Unacceptable package/items

A package is deemed unacceptable if:

  • it is classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, prohibited or restricted articles by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation), any applicable government department or other relevant organisation for carriage by a passenger aircraft;
  • no Customs declaration is made when required by applicable Customs regulations;
  • or PassionAir decides it cannot transport an item safely or legally (such items include but are not limited to: animals, bullion, currency, bearer form negotiable instruments, precious metals and stones, firearms, parts thereof and ammunition, pornography and illegal narcotics/drugs).

In determining if a package is acceptable for transport or not, PassionAir’s decision shall be final.

Right to inspect

PassionAir has the right to open and inspect a package without prior notice to shipper. PassionAir reserves the right to reject any package upon inspection without prejudice. The package may also be opened, inspected by applicable government institutions, security agencies or airport authorities without prejudice.

Package specifications

PassionAir shall only accept packages meeting the following size and weight requirements:

  • Dimensions: maximum acceptable: 55cmX35cmX23cm including packaging, handles and wheels.
  • Weight: not exceeding a total weight of 7kg including packaging.
  • Packaging: items must be packaged properly and PassionAir reserves the right not to accept parcels whose packaging is inadequate. PassionAir reserves the right to request the Shipper to repackage/wrap the package to its specifications before accepting it for transport. Failure by the shipper to meet the packaging conditions set by PassionAir shall result in the package not being accepted for transport.

To be accepted for transport, parcels must be received at the PassionAir airport office at least 2 hours before the intended flight’s departure time. Parcel’s received later than 2 hours before departure of a flight shall not be accepted for carriage on that flight. These packages may be rescheduled on the next available PassionAir flight.

In case there are no flights for the rest of the day, PassionAir shall not accept nor store packages overnight.

Large Packages

PassionAir may accept large and bulky package(s) for transport. The acceptance of such package(s) is solely at the discretion of PassionAir’s operations personnel whose decision shall be final. The decision shall be based on the type of package, size, weight and the availability of cargo space on the intended flight.

Heavy packages are described as packages weighing more than 7 kilograms.

Large/bulky packages are packages whose dimensions exceed 55cmX35cmX23cm.

Acceptance of packages for shipment

Packages to be accepted for transport shall follow the process described below;

  • Shipper sends package to PassionAir airport offices at least 2 hours before the intended flight on which the package is to be transported.
  • A PassionAir agent shall inspect the package and confirm acceptance for transport.
  • Shipper shall fill the necessary documentation and pay the corresponding charges.
  • Package(s) are screen by airport security authorities and loaded unto aircraft for transport.

Parcel drop off and collection points are done solely at the Carrier’s airport offices. The Carrier shall not pick up nor deliver parcels. It is the responsibility of the recipient to collect parcels at the Carrier’s airport office within 48 hours days of delivery.

Carriage of packages

PassionAir shall endeavour to carry all packages on its intended flight provided all acceptance conditions are adhered to. However, for operational reasons, PassionAir reserves the right to vary the flight on which a package may be transported.

PassionAir shall use reasonable care in handling packages following acceptance. PassionAir cannot be liable for damages arising for the transportation of packages. The shipper shall indemnify PassionAir of any liability resulting from damage in handling a package. The shipper shall sign indemnity release form upon acceptance of a package for transport. 


PassionAir shall make packages available at its airport offices at the various airport it operates to. The Carrier does not offer door to door delivery. Packages shall be delivered to the Carrier’s airport offices for collection by the recipient.

To collect a package, the recipient must appear in person at the Carrier’s airport to collect the package. The following must be presented by the recipient:

  • A valid national ID – acceptable national IDs include the following: Ghana Card, driver’s license, passport, voter’s ID and National Health Insurance card. Pictures or copy of cards shall not be accepted as proof of identity.
  • Shipment receipt number
  • Package tag number
  • Recipient shall sign a delivery ledger upon collection of the shipment.
  • PassionAir may elect to make a copy of the recipient ID for security and auditing purposes.

Uncollected shipment

Uncollected packages shall be shipped back to the origination point after 48 hours and the shipper shall be surcharged the cost of shipment as well as storage cost if the returned package is not collected within 24 hours. Storage cost shall apply and be calculated on a daily basis after failure to collect an undelivered package.

Disposal of uncollected packages

PassionAir reserves the right to dispose of uncollected packages after one (1) year without incurring any liability whatsoever to Shipper or anyone else.

Delayed shipments

The Carrier reserves the right to vary the flight on which the package shall be transport. The Carrier shall not be liable for any damages or loss caused by delays.


Once a shipment has flown, refunds are not available. Prior to flight, full refunds are applicable minus a GHS 20 administration and return fee.

Limitation of liability

In case of loss of package PassionAir’s liability shall limited to the shipping fee paid or the declared value of the package with a maximum limited liability set at the equivalent of USD 1,000 (one thousand US Dollars). All other types of loss or damages are excluded (including but not limited to lost profits, income, interest, future business), whether such loss or damage is special or indirect, and even if the risk of such loss or damage was brought to PassionAir’s attention before or after acceptance of the Shipment.

Force Majeure

The Carrier is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of circumstances beyond its control. These include but are not limited to:- “Act of God” – e.g. earthquake, cyclone, storm, flood, fog; bad weather. “Force Majeure” – e.g. war, embargo; riot or civil commotion; pandemic; strike any act or omission by a person not employed or contracted by PassionAir e.g. Shipper, Receiver, third party, Customs or other government official.

Shipper’s Warranties and Indemnity

Shipper shall indemnify and hold the Carrier harmless for any loss or damage arising out of the Shipper’s failure to comply with any applicable laws or regulations and for Shipper’s breach of the following warranties and representations:

  • all information provided by Shipper or its representatives is complete and accurate;
  • the Shipment was prepared in secure premises by the Shipper or its representatives;
  • the Shipment is properly packed to ensure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling;
  • all applicable customs, import, export and other laws and regulations have been complied with;
  • and the receipt has been signed by Shipper or its authorized representative and the Terms and
  • Conditions constitute binding and enforceable obligations of the Shipper