1. How much hand luggage and checked-in baggage am I allowed?

• Hand Luggage: 7kg depending on your reserved class.
• Checked-In Baggage: 25kg depending on your reserved class.

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2. Should I carry my medication in my hand luggage or checked-in baggage?
Keep your medication and any other valuables (including travel documents, passport/ID, etc.) in your hand luggage, never in your checked-in baggage.

3. Am I allowed to take liquids in my hand luggage?
Liquids may be carried in your hand luggage only if they are stored in containers of up to 100ml.

4. How much may the maximum weight of a single piece of checked-in baggage be?
Each checked-in piece must not weigh more than 25kg.

5. What are the excess baggage rates?
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6. What should I do if I forgot something on board the aircraft or at the airport?
Our crew deliver all found objects to the Security Department. You may enquire about your lost items by contacting our Call Centre on 0800 221 221.

Ticket Modification

1. Can I change or cancel my reservation?
Yes. Visit the Manage My Booking option on the homepage of our website which has a list of features that allow you to retrieve and re-print your itineraries. You can process changes and cancellations to the itinerary as well as make special service requests (e.g. seat allocations, pre-paid excess baggage, etc.). You may also update your contact details on this page.

2. How do I edit or correct my name on my ticket?
Contact our Call Centre on 0800 221 221 or local ticketing offices to correct a name in a booking. Rules and fees may apply.

3. Can I change or transfer my ticket to another person?
No. Airline ticket tickets are non-transferrable which means they cannot be used by anyone else.

4. Can I modify my flight details online if I booked my ticket through a travel agent or a third-party website?
For bookings made via travel agents or third-party websites, you will need to contact them directly to make any changes.

5. Can I make changes to my ticket online if I am a no-show?
No, you will need to contact our Call Centre on 0800 221 221 or one of our local ticketing offices for assistance.


1. Do I get a refund if I cancel my flight?
Yes. Refunds for cancelled ticket will be processed after the deduction of appropriate cancelation fees.

2. How can I request a refund for my cancelled ticket?
Passengers should send an email to requesting a refund with the details of the ticket and payment mode.

3. Can I request a refund if I purchased from a travel agent?
For bookings made through a travel agent, contact the agency directly. Refunds will be made to the travel agency’s account upon cancellation.

4. How will I receive my refund?
If payment was made via Mobile Money or debit/credit card, your refund will be credited back to your Mobile Money Wallet or card within seven (7) or fourteen (14) working days respectively.

For tickets purchased with cash, funds should be available for pick up at our Ticketing Office within seven (7) working days.

Aircraft & Routes

1. What type of aircraft does PassionAir operate?
We currently have a fleet of three (3) DeHavilland Dash 8-300 and two (2) Dash 8-Q400 aircraft. The seating capacity is 50 and 78 seats respectively.

2. Which destinations does PassionAir fly to?
PassionAir currently flies to Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale, Wa and Sunyani.

Request Wheelchair Assistance

1. Does PassionAir offer WCHS – Wheelchair up the Stairs service?
No. Unfortunately, PassionAir cannot accept a passenger who is unable to walk up and/or down the stairs because our fleet of aircraft has passenger stairs to access the cabin. The Dash 8 aircraft has no provision for attaching a passenger bridge/jetty or using an ambulift.

2. Does PassionAir offer WCHC – Wheelchair to the Cabin service?
No. The Dash 8 aircraft doors make the embarkation or carriage of that person with reduced mobility physically impossible.

3. Can I take my own wheelchair to the cabin?
No, you will need to check in your wheelchair and carry it in the hold.

4. Do I need to pay to check in my wheelchair?
No, we will carry your wheelchair free of charge in addition to your checked baggage provided it is a standard-size wheelchair. Any modified or non-standard models of wheelchairs might require review prior to acceptance.

5. Can I take my wheelchair, cane/crutches/walker onboard?
Yes, you can take your cane/crutches/walker with you in the cabin, but your wheelchair will be carried in the hold.
For safety reasons, our cabin crew will stow your mobility aid device in the overhead lockers during taxi, take-off and landing.

6. Is wheelchair assistance free of charge at PassionAir?
Yes, we provide wheelchair assistance free of charge. You just need to request it at least 48 hours prior to departure to make sure it is arranged for you throughout your journey.