Expectant Mothers

Expectant mothers are welcome on board PassionAir flight. For the safety of the mother and the baby, a medical certificate would be required at some stage of the pregnancy. The following is the policy regarding expecting mothers:

  • • Up to the 28th week of pregnancy, the mother can travel without a medical certificate provided she is medically fit.
  • • Between the 28th and the 32nd week of pregnancy, a medical certificate is provided by an appropriately qualified medical practitioner to confirm that the mother is fit to fly. When the mother is travelling on a returning flight, The certificate must cover the entire journey.
  • • Expecting mothers will not be accepted for travel after the 34th week of pregnancy, for the safety of the mother and the baby.

Please note:  Newborn babies will not be accepted for travel  within 14 days after birth

Unaccompanied Minors (6years - 12years old)

PassionAir accepts an Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) for children aged between 6 – 12 years to travel alone without any accompanying adult. The following conditions must be met:
• A parent/guardian must take the Unaccompanied minors to the airport. The escorting adult MUST remain at the airport until the flight departs.
• The parent/guardian must fill in the UMNR form before/at check-in. Download the Unaccompanied Minor form here.
• The children should have a pouch/pocket that holds all their details/documents and is collected at the check-in counters.
• A parent/guardian/designated adult MUST be available at the airport of destination to collect the child at the destination airport. They should identify themselves and report to the PassionAir representatives there.
• PassionAir will not release the child/children unless the name on the Unaccompanied Minor form matches the photo ID of the collecting parent/guardian.
• PassionAir will only accept responsibility for Unaccompanied Minors between the time the unaccompanied minor is handed over and accepted for travel until the unaccompanied minor is handed over to the receiving adult at the destination airport. This Unaccompanied Minor Service may be requested for children who are between 6 and 12 years old (both ages included). Children below 6 years of age will not be accepted as unaccompanied minors.
• PassionAir’s Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) service attracts a nominal service fee

For more information, please contact us.

Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

PassionAir makes all reasonable efforts to provide special arrangements for passengers with reduced mobility. Passengers with reduced mobility will be accepted for travel in instances they are able to self-support during the flight. A travelling companion will be required where the passenger requires assistance during the flight. The travelling companion will be required to provide the following assistance to the passenger:
• Fasten and unfasten a seatbelt;
• Reading and understanding safety instructions;
• Reaching  an emergency exit;
• Going to the toilet;
• Retrieve and fit a life jacket;
• Fit an oxygen mask;
• Eat unassisted;
• Administer his/her medication unassisted.

Request wheelchair assistance

Passengers needing wheelchair assistance must request the service at the time of booking for the flight or at least 48 hours before departure and obtain confirmation from PassionAir. The passenger must specify the type of assistance required. Wheelchair passengers are classified in three different ways:

WCHR – Passengers who can ascend and descend steps and move in the aircraft but who require a wheelchair for distance to/from the aircraft.
WCHS – Passengers who cannot ascend and descend steps, where the wheelchair is required to/from the aircraft and the passenger must be carried up/down the steps but is able to make their own way to/from the cabin seat.
WCHC – Passengers who are completely immobile and require a wheelchair to/from the aircraft must be carried up/down the steps and to/from their cabin seat.

Due to structural limitations and aircraft safety, PassionAir can only accept WCHR. Passengers MUST be able to climb the aircraft steps unaided.


Important Notice
• Arrive 2 hours before your flight departure to make all arrangements at the time of check-in.
• Carry relevant medical certificates, as well as doctors’ prescriptions in case you need to have any medications with you on board.
• All passengers with reduced mobility need to be able to use a regular aircraft seat with a seatback in an upright position during taxi, take-off and landing.
• For safety reasons passengers with reduced mobility cannot select a seat in an emergency exit row.


Regulations – Safety Considerations
Notwithstanding the provisions of Ghana Civil Aviation Directives, PassionAir may refuse, on the grounds of reduced mobility, to accept a reservation from or to embark on a person with reduced mobility:
• to meet applicable safety requirements established by international, Community or national law or in order to meet safety requirements established by the authority that issued the Air Operator’s Certificate to PassionAir.
• if the size of the aircraft or its doors makes the embarkation or carriage of that person with reduced mobility physically impossible.


Carriage of Special Categories of Passengers (SCPs) PROCEDURES

When establishing the procedures for the carriage of SCPs, PassionAir has considered the following factors:
• the aircraft type and cabin configuration;
• the total number of passengers carried on board;
• the number and categories of SCPs, which should not exceed the number of passengers capable of assisting them in case of an emergency evacuation; and
• any other factor (s) or circumstances possibly impacting the application of emergency procedures by the operating crew members.

Passengers who need special assistance

Hearing & visually impaired or mentally challenged passengers
Prior information is required for any passengers with special needs. At the time of booking, information relating to special needs passengers is required. Passengers needing special assistance must request the service at least 48 hours before departure.


Passengers with medical conditions
At PassionAir, we want your journey to be as comfortable as possible. If you have a medical condition or concern, you should always contact your doctor or medical practitioner to confirm your fitness to fly, as well as to fill in our Medical Indemnity form. It is also vital that you notify PassionAir of your condition before completing your booking. Without prior approval from PassionAir, we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed on board. For everyone’s well-being, sometimes we’ll need confirmation that you’re fit to fly with us. We may require a medical certificate if you:

• have had a recent illness, hospitalization, injury or surgery
• have an existing unstable medical condition that needs additional oxygen or use of medical equipment on board
• are travelling for medical reasons or treatment
• are you at a late stage of your pregnancy
If you’re required to travel with a medical certificate, we recommend that you carry it in your hand baggage, as you may need to show it at check-in or to our cabin crew on board your flight.


Communicable diseases
To avoid spreading illness, if you have a condition that may affect the health and safety of others you may not be permitted to board our flights.
Examples of such conditions include chickenpox, tuberculosis, mumps, rubella, measles or similar. If symptoms of a disease are visible at the time of departure, you must provide a medical certificate which states that your condition is not infectious. We reserve the right to refuse boarding if you can’t produce the necessary documentation.


If you know you’ll need oxygen on board your flight, you must bring your own supply and inform our Contact Centre at least 48 hours before you fly.
We also require you to provide us with a medical certificate to confirm that you’re fit to fly. Please let our check-in staff and cabin crew know if you’re travelling with oxygen. Each cylinder (including valve and regulator) must not exceed 5kg in total. Cylinders, valves and regulators, where fitted, must be protected from damage. We provide oxygen on board in emergency situations only.


Medication and medical equipment
You’re welcome to bring essential medical items with you on your flight at no extra cost.


We strongly recommend that you pack any necessary medication in your hand baggage (along with your prescription, if relevant) and if possible, in its original packaging. Please keep in mind that our cabin crew cannot administer medication or store your medication in a cool place.


Medical Form
PassionAir will request you to provide a medical certificate if:
• you need oxygen during the flight (the medical certificate should also specify the number of litres of oxygen per minute that is required).
• you travel with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)
• you want to take medical luggage with you (maximum weight: 15 kilograms)
• you are pregnant and there are complications in your pregnancy
• you or your child suffers from a contagious disease (such as chicken pox). The medical certificate should state that the disease is no longer contagious
• you have had a medical operation within 8 days prior to departure
• you have a body part in a closed plaster cast. The medical certificate should state that you are fit to fly with a closed plaster cast. If you do not have this medical certificate, you have to ensure that the plaster cast is sawn through across its entire length, otherwise, you will not be accepted on the flight.


Please note the following:
• A medical statement issued by an (independent) physician should state that you will not suffer any detrimental effects from travelling in a pressurized cabin or that you will need to travel with medical luggage.
• The medical certificate needs to be in English.
• The medical certificate needs the physician’s signature. The certificate may be issued no more than 7 days before the departure of your outbound flight.

N/B: All medical certificates must be submitted in advance for verification by our own doctors. This service will attract an additional cost.

Because travelling in a pressurized cabin could cause some medical conditions to exacerbate, we advise you to ask a physician for a medical statement if you have an ear infection or fever.

Download the medical form here.

For more information please contact us here.