PassionAir: Accra to Tamale flight uses an all-female crew from the flight deck to the cabin

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– Flight number OP 178 of Passion Air has made history after using an all-female crew from deck to cabin

– The flight moved from Accra to Tamale on Saturday, February 20, 2021

– Captain Eva Gichuru, the pilot-in-command, mentioned that the historic feat shows that women can do anything when given equal opportunity

Accra to Tamale airline Passion Air has made history after employing the services of a crew that was made up of only females right from the flight deck to the cabin. According to a report filed by the airline sighted by YEN.com.gh on the group’s official Facebook handle, the all-female crew made the historic feat on Saturday, February 20, 2021.

The move by the flight, OP 178, was aimed at empowering women and encouraging their participation in male-dominated fields.

Captain Eva Gichuru, who served as the pilot-in-command spoke after the journey, indicating how relevant the feat has been to ensure a balance in gender roles. In her own words: “This flight indicates that, whatever men can do, women can do and even better when given equal opportunities.” Preliminary checks conducted by YEN.com.gh suggest that this is the first time a local airline has used the services of only women as the crew for a flight.

source: https://yen.com.gh/182864-passionair-accra-tamale-flight-uses-female-crew-flight-deck-cabin.html