PassionAir shall offer a 3% discount on all ticket purchases to Absa Bank Ghana Ltd. customers and staff

Terms and Conditions

  1. The offer is valid for 6 months from April 2021 – September 2021.
  2. The discount shall apply on Gold and Silver class fares.
  3. The discount shall not apply on promotional fares.
  4. The offer applies only to adult fares. Child, infant, students or senior citizen tickets are not eligible.
  5. The discount will be applied on the base fare i.e., the fare without tax.
  6. The discount is SOLELY for Absa Bank Ghana Ltd. customers and staff.
  7.  The discount cannot be cumulated with other PassionAir promotions or offers.
  8.  This offer can ONLY be redeemed at PassionAir sales offices.
  9. The discount can ONLY be applied at the point of purchase. To be eligible for this discount, Absa Bank customers must present their valid Absa Bank ATM Card at the point of purchase.
  10.  Payment MUST be done using the Absa Bank ATM card.
  11. PassionAir general conditions of carriage applies.
  12. 12. PassionAir standard fare rules and conditions applies.
  13. 13. PassionAir standard baggage allowance applies.
  14. 14. PassionAir reserves the right to cancel this offer, review the level of the discount or its applicability at any time without prior notice.


This offer is only limited to passengers paying with Absa Bank Cards and only applicable at PassionAir sales office. Just being an Absa customer or just showing an Absa card is not enough.

Payment MUST be done with an Absa Card and only at sales offices. These two conditions MUST be met for the offer to be applicable.