Frequent Flyer Offer



  1. This offer is valid from 1st January until it is cancelled by PassionAir.
  2. The offer applies to passengers who regularly fly with PassionAir.
  3. To be eligible passengers must effectively fly a defined number of flights with PassionAir in a quarter (that is  Jan-Mar; Apr-Jun; etc.)
  4. PassionAir employees and contractors are excluded from this offer.


The offer is as follows:

  • Passengers who fly between 12 – 20 flights per quarter are entitled to 2 round trip tickets.
  • Passengers who fly in excess of 20 flights per quarter are entitled to 3 round trip tickets.


General Terms and Conditions

  1. Only eligible flights will be taken into consideration. Eligible flights mean: full revenue flights effectively flown by the passenger on PassionAir only. Discounted/reward or non-revenue tickets are not eligible.
  2. Paid but not flown tickets and refunded tickets are not eligible. Transfers to other airlines in case of disruption are not eligible.
  3. Eligible flights will be added up on a quarterly basis.
  4. A quarter means calendar quarters starting from January: Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep and Oct-Dec.
  5. A flight means a trip from an origin to a destination. E.g: an Accra Kumasi one-way is 1 flight. An Accra – Kumasi return trip is 2 flights.
  6. At the end of each quarter as defined above, PassionAir will review passengers flight data and contact eligible passengers not later than 20 working days after the end of the quarter.
  7. Non-eligible passengers shall not be contacted.
  8. Eligible passengers will be notified by email. Email to be used is the email provided by the passenger on the reservation.
  9. Email will set out the number of flights flown, the associated reward earned and the redemption terms and conditions.
  10. PassionAir reserves the right to cancel this offer, review the level of the discount or its applicability at any time without prior notice.

Redemption of reward tickets terms & conditions

  1. Reward tickets are not transferrable. They must be used by the eligible passenger.
  2. Rewards tickets are valid for 6 months.
  3. Rewards can only be redeemed on PassionAir flights.
  4. Rewards tickets cannot be redeemed for cash and are non-refundable.
  5. Reward tickets shall be booked in economy class and regular fare rules and fees will apply in case of flight changes and modifications.
  6. Applicable airport taxes on tickets MUST be paid by passenger.
  7. Reward tickets are subject to PassionAir standard conditions of carriage.

How to redeem reward tickets

  1. Eligible passengers may submit their redemption requests in person or by email to