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Bombardier places three pre-owned Q400s in Ghana

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Bombardier Commercial Aircraft announced Aug. 13, 2018, that the company successfully placed three pre-owned Q400 turboprops with Passion Air from the Republic of Ghana.

A Bombardier Q40 aircraft in Passion Air livery. Passion Air is the first commercial airline operating Bombardier regional aircraft in the Republic of Ghana. Bombardier Image

“Africa is the youngest and fastest growing region in the world, and regional aircraft like the Q400 will play a key role in helping to advance Africa’s economic growth.”

The airline will operate the three Q400 aircraft in a 78-seat configuration on domestic routes.

“This is the first step, and we look forward to expanding our fleet with more Bombardier aircraft,” said Edward Annan, chief executive officer, Passion Air. “The Q400 offers the performance and flexibility that we need to further develop our network.

“With a range that unlocks great opportunities for us, we are confident that we will capitalize on a larger market, which extends to 12 countries and over 180 million potential passengers out of Accra.”

Source Bombardier Press Release


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  1. This is Isaac from Shedike Premium Services. It is a service provider company with ticketing as one of its services.
    I would like to find out how we will be able to partner with Passion air as agent to be able to sell your services to our clients.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Isaac,
      Sorry for the late response.
      We were informed by Munirah that she are in contact with you and she will be handling this request.
      Thank you for your interest.

    1. Our Kumasi Ticketing office is located at the airport. You can call 0800221221 for making reservations and assistance.

    1. The Tamale office is located in the same building as ADB, Kaladan branch.
      There is also a ticketing office at the airport.


  2. The flight to Accra from Tamale on Sunday Oct 28th was rescheduled and some of us were not informed. Some of us had to miss our connecting flight due to the negligence of whoever is involved. We had to also pay for our transportation back home. And bedding for those not resident in Tamale. This is an irresponsible act and we need to be very serious as people. You don’t operate an airline if you are ready. You would be toying with people’s lives and it’s not fun.

    1. Dear Muniru,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      We apologize for the SMS glitch on your flight and the inconveniences.
      Kindly forgive us.

  3. I am glad there is a second domestic airline. Hope this will not be a flash in a pan. I can only wish this new airline best wishes and look forward to patronising it someday.

  4. Hi Benedicta, am planning to make a reservation on 24th of November but Muniru’s experience is making me uncomfortable.
    Sincerely speaking it’s not good for a new company we are all excited about, it cost Muniru’s lot’s of money and his safety. I hope you called him and talked to him so you don’t loose him. All the best

    1. Hello Leon,
      All the necessary steps were taken regarding passengers on disrupted flights. We are committed to delivering a safe and customer oriented service so kindly trust us. Muniru’s incident was unfortunate but we have taken steps in resolving such lapses. Thank you for contacting us

  5. please con you help with the process and contact info to apply for a job in your establishment? went to the career side of you website and can not get any contact to send my CV. thank you.

    1. Thank you for your interest in joining the team.

      Hello Martin,
      Thank you for your interest in working with us.
      Kindly send your application and CV to
      There are no job openings at the moment.
      However, we will call you when we have an opening.

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